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Cerimonia della consegna delle benemerenze CONI FVG 2013;
2013 Awards Ceremony by CONI FVG (regional board of the italian national olympic committee);

FISI Campionati italiani assoluti di sci alpino Tarvisio 2015: intervistando la Mascot!
2015 FISI Italian National ski Championships Tarvisio; interviewing "Baby Bear" the Mascot!

Top excellence quality, the vintage tradition design, the attention to detail, the perfect handmade makes the difference!

IPCAS Le finali di Coppa Europa Sci Paralimpico Sella Nevea, Italia;
2015 IPCAS Europa Cup finals Sella Nevea, Italy are over, ready for the next event!;

"Olympic" Dinner at Greif Maria Theresia Hotel Trieste Italy - 11 sept 2012 -
presented by Panathlon International Trieste Club;